Mohamed Gaber 26 years old visual artist, works in the field of design, painting, type design and street art. Believes that experimentation is the best route to learning. Some of his work has been selected for exhibition at Left in Vision in 2009 and 2010 in London, TYPO Berlin 2011 & nominated to The Jameel Prize 2013 by V&A museum in london.

By the year of 2007 started a project to produce visual agitation called Graphics Against System aka (G.A.S.) to produce artworks that agitates and do social and political awareness, one of these artwork was the “كن مع الثورة” or “be with the revolution” which was made for the general strike of 2008 and was reproduced by the time of the revolution 25 jan 2011 to be spread by the revolutionaries in the square and be sold by anonymous on t-shirts and thats not only in egypt it made an appearance in Beirut streets as graffiti, syria & libya to be called by some revolutionaries as the icon of the arab revolutions.

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