The evolving mural

The mural i am about to blog about it so special on so many levels for me and for so many reasons, As the graffiti of Mohamed Mahmoud street got whitewashed four of days ago i decided to get back to streets and work on a mural after taking a long break for so many reasons i would mention later..

This time i worked on this mural with the awesome god father & visual artist Abdu El-Bermawi, and i call it the evolving mural for a reason and that will be more obvious in the photos that the final version of the mural is different than the sketch and what we thought that it was it at some point of the process..

At this point we were like hmmm okai we have something here.. but the evolution never stopped..

The final result and all the appreciation goes for Abdo for his awesome spirit and craziness leading the evolution to this awesome result.

And as i was told that the youth of the muslim brotherhoods went the night before to the street to leave a graffiti defending them continues assholeness marking a wall with them stinky logo of the “freedom & justice” party, i wanted to leave them a message for stepping into OUR street The Street Of  Martyrs…

WA2A3EDDO BITCHES! –Monkey you will love this one-

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